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    Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani
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    SHEIKH TAMIM BIN HAMAD AL THANI, Amir of Qatar, stressed the need to unify efforts to prevent the misuse of cyberspace and regulate it on the basis of international law.  Further, he said that it is unacceptable for the Palestinian people to remain prisoners of the Israeli occupation.  The failure of the international community to act against the occupation continues to provide Israel with the opportunity to undermine the foundations of the two-State solution.  Israel responds to Arab peace and normalization initiatives with more nationalist and ultra-orthodox extremism.  This is reflected in Government coalitions, further settlement expansion, the Judaization of Jerusalem, attacks on holy sites and tightening the noose on the Gaza Strip.  For its part, Qatar provides political, humanitarian and development support to the Palestinian people and contributes towards rebuilding the Gaza Strip.

    In the case of Syria, the crisis is still waiting for a comprehensive settlement through a political process that also maintains that country’s integrity, sovereignty and independence.  Turning to Sudan, he condemned the crimes perpetrated against civilians in Khartoum and Darfur and called for perpetrators to be held to account.  In Lebanon, he stressed the need to find a sustainable solution to the political vacuum by forming a Government capable of addressing the aspirations of the Lebanese people and getting them out of their economic and developmental crises.  In Yemen, Qatar calls for the crisis to be resolved in accordance with the resolutions of the National Dialogue, the initiative of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the relevant Security Council resolutions.

    Concerning the Libyan issue, he reiterated Qatar’s unwavering support for the efforts of the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and his efforts to achieve tangible results to resolve the crisis there.  Regarding the situation in Afghanistan, he stressed the need to prevent it from sliding into a difficult-to-manage humanitarian crisis that becomes a haven for terrorist individuals.  Further, he said that the war in Europe is affecting the whole world in vital areas such as energy and food.  Qatar reiterates calls on all parties to comply with the Charter of the United Nations and international law, respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States and pursue a radical peaceful solution that is based on these principles.

    On the national front, he said that Qatar’s investments in liquefied gas have enabled the country to play an important role in addressing the global energy crisis.  Qatar continues to develop its sovereign fund and diversify sources of its income.  Doha pursues environmentally friendly policies and aims to provide humanitarian aid.  He further stressed that cooperation is key to stem waves of refugees, which have become a real problem for Europe as well as for neighbouring African and Asian countries.  Combating racism and campaigns of incitement against entire peoples, religions and civilizations is key.  To those who seek to justify hideous acts as freedom of expression, he said, deliberately compromising the sanctity of others should not be seen as an example of the freedom of expression.

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    The international community must continue to support Afghanistan, the Emir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, told the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, warning against potential boycott in the wake of the Taliban takeover.

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    Portrait of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani (Amir), Qatar
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