Costa Rica
    His Excellency
    Arnoldo Ricardo André Tinoco
    Minister for Foreign Affairs
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    ARNOLDO RICARDO ANDRÉ TINOCO, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Worship of Costa Rica, called for a ceasefire in the war against Ukraine so the Russian Federation can withdraw its troops and be held responsible for its actions in front of international courts.  Geographical borders no longer have meanings in the face of conflict or climate catastrophes, he said — but there is still time “to change the direction of our inaction”.  Extraordinary circumstances require bravery and leadership to change the collective security architecture, “which is falling apart like a house of cards”, he stressed — pointing to paralysis in the Security Council and clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations by one permanent member, but also widespread non-compliance with non-proliferation and weapons controls. Pointing to a forthcoming resolution submitted to the General Assembly by Costa Rica, Austria and Mexico on autonomous weapons systems, he stated:  “Our only weapon should be international law.”

    Turning to the transnational challenge of migration, he noted that Costa Rica is the Latin American country with the highest proportion of migrants to total population, at 11 per cent.  The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (OHCHR) noted that it ranks third in requests for asylum, with over 270,000 by September; however, as a middle-income country, its resources are limited, requiring immediate action from the international community to manage migrant flows, and financial support to integrate them into the social fabric. Stressing that middle-income countries must not be excluded from aid, he called for reform of international financial institutions, including regional development banks — which must radically reconsider the criteria for access to ODA.  The international community needs countercyclical solutions to systemic shortcomings which force States to choose between human security and debt repayment. 

    On the climate emergency, he affirmed that “time is running out to save our home planet”.  Costa Rica stands as an example that it is possible to encourage development while protecting the environment in unison — a pioneer in reversing deforestation through its protected areas programme, making resources available to recognize all 22 indigenous territories for their guardianship.  However, due to its geographical location in one of most vulnerable regions in world, the climactic impact on infrastructure remains devastating, especially for rural and coastal communities.  Further calling for better governance of the oceans, he voiced alarm over pollution, overexploitation of fish stocks, and the loss of coral and biodiversity.  To address this, his country will co-host with France the United Nations Conference on Oceans in June 2025 in Nice.  Costa Rica will continue to lead the call for a protocol on the use of undersea mineral resources and will remain an example that “dialogue can be more powerful than guns”, he stated.


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    Portrait of His Excellency Arnoldo Ricardo André Tinoco (Minister for Foreign Affairs), Costa Rica
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