General Debate
    Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
    His Excellency
    Song Kim
    Permanent Representative to the United Nations
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    KIM SONG (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) said that the world is faced with health crises, losses due to climate change and the worst global security environment since the Second World War.  Despite challenges and difficulties, his country, relying on a superior system, scored successes in protecting the life and safety of its people and saw economic growth, he continued.  However, currently the Korean Peninsula is stuck in a vicious cycle of confrontation with the United States.  The United States just days ago accused the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea of blatantly violating United Nations “sanctions”, however Pyongyang never recognized such “resolutions” of the Organization that imposed pressure because his country does not abide by its “rules” made unilaterally by Washington, D.C.  Moreover, he said the Security Council lost its competency and authority to act because of its failure to be impartial and objective — two principles on which the United Nations is founded.  Pyongyang will continue to extend its firm support to and solidarity with the people of Cuba, Syria and Palestine, as well as other countries that struggle to repel foreign interference.  The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s foreign policy is based on independence, peace and friendship and Pyongyang will even cooperate with capitalist States if they respect his country, he concluded. 

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    Portrait of His Excellency Song Kim (Permanent Representative to the United Nations), Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
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    First Declaration (26 September 2022)

    The representative of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea rejected the provocative, baseless statement by the Republic of Korea’s delegate.  As his delegation explained during the general debate earlier, Pyongyang is bolstering its national defence capabilities due to the United States’ persistent pursuit of a hostile policy against the country, compelling his Government to acquire nuclear defence capabilities.  The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is not dealing with the Republic of Korea on the issue of the Korean Peninsula.  Nobody can dispute his country’s sovereign rights, he stressed, calling on the international community to pay attention to the United States’ actions, which plunge the Peninsula into a vicious cycle of tension.

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