Equatorial Guinea
    His Excellency
    Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue
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    TEODORO NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE, Vice-President in Charge of National Defence and Security of Equatorial Guinea, speaking on behalf of President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, said the theme of this Assembly session is quite appropriate as it is crucial for the global community to rebuild trust and move toward peace and solidarity to achieve the Global Goals and build progress for everyone.  This theme is at the heart of resolving all the issues facing the world, including increased conflicts, greater numbers of armed groups, climate change and the food crisis, which could lead to famine in many countries.  “We are at a decisive and crucial crossroads and leaders must find solutions that impact everyone on the planet,” he added.  At the same time, he denounced the interference by some countries in Equatorial Guinea’s affairs, as well as the exploitation its resources, which leads to conflict and instability.

    He voiced his concern with the serious conditions facing the Sahel and other regions of Africa, which has a negative impact on the continent’s development.  Africa needs financing for development and these financing commitments must be implemented so the Global Goals can be reached and “not leave anyone behind,” he added.  Expressing his extreme alarm about the chronic crisis in Haiti, which is besieged by gangs and criminals, he called on the United Nations to hold a special meeting on the Haitian crisis.  This meeting could carry out an in-depth analysis and find a lasting solution, he proposed.

    He insisted on reform of the United Nations system, including of the Security Council, which is not implementing international law.  Africa still experiences an historic injustice as no permanent member from an African country sits on the Council, even though most issues before the Council impact the continent.  He rejected the use of unilateral coercive measures that undermine the principles of the United Nations Charter and international law.

    He urged States to stop promoting these measures, which undermine the development of affected countries.  He also called for an immediate lifting of the commercial, economic and financial embargo that has been imposed on Cuba for several decades.  “This is a country that deserves an opportunity,” he said.  The Government of Equatorial Guinea has designed a strategic plan for economic diversity through 2035 and is open to partnerships as it carries out this plan.  He extended an invitation to the business community of all friendly countries to invest.  As Member States live in a globalized world, he said he hoped for a frank and inclusive dialogue to resolve current conflicts and differences.  “More importance should be given to international cooperation and dialogue,” he added, stressing the Government’s unwavering aim to tackle climate change, peace and development issues.


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    Portrait of His Excellency Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue (Vice-President), Equatorial Guinea
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