His Excellency
    Dan Jørgensen
    Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy
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    DAN JØRGENSEN, Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy of Denmark, reiterated support for “all meaningful efforts to stop Russia’s aggression against Ukraine,” including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula for a just peace.  Denmark seeks full accountability for the Russian Federation’s unlawful war of aggression, he said, including responsibility for crimes under international law and reparations.  The international community must not allow one Member State’s irresponsible behaviour to derail and destroy collective efforts to find common solutions to shared problems.  Denmark stands firmly with Ukraine and its right to defend its territory, because “Russia’s blatant disrespect of the most fundamental principles of the UN Charter” is a tragedy.  Trust in multilateral cooperation depends on universal respect for its underpinning rules and on accountability for violations.

    To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, he underscored that developing countries need a staggering $3.9 trillion by 2030. For more than 40 years, Denmark has met the United Nations target of providing at least 0.7 per cent of gross national income for development assistance.  However, he noted, “even if we all lived up to the 0.7 UN target,” this increase would only cover 10 per cent of the financing gap.  For its part, Denmark is increasing grant-based climate finance to its highest level ever this year, doubling its contribution to the Green Climate Fund next year, and tripling its contribution to climate finance in developing countries by 2030.  Moreover, the world needs to better leverage the enormous potential of international financial institutions, and development banks must raise trillions of dollars for climate action and the SDGs.  He also urged the world’s biggest emitters to reduce carbon emissions, phase out fossil fuels, and commit to renewable energy.  The world needs to scale up adaptation efforts and address loss and damages from climate change — especially for the poorest and most vulnerable who have suffered the worst despite having contributed the least.

    At the United Nations, the Security Council needs to be more representative, transparent, and accountable, he said.  Such reforms include limiting the use of the veto, through voluntary restraint and enhanced accountability through the General Assembly. Denmark is actively engaged in such discussions, particularly as a candidate for the Council from 2025 to 2026. Furthermore, as a major donor to the Peacebuilding Fund and member of the Peacebuilding Commission, Denmark reaffirmed peacebuilding and conflict prevention as one of the most valuable and efficient tools in the United Nations toolbox.  “It is the duty of our generation to get the world back on track,” he urged.  “To break the vicious circle of distrust and division that Is undermining our ability to act collectively.”


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    Portrait of His Excellency Dan Jørgensen (Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy), Denmark
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