His Excellency
    Robert Rae
    Chair of the Delegation
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    ROBERT RAE (Canada) drew attention to the critical state of “the health of our planet, our people, our institutions and global economy” and urged collective action to “address them in their totality, recognizing their interconnectedness”.  Highlighting Canada’s efforts in breaking down gender barriers, he stressed the importance of letting people be themselves and acknowledged that Canada has found “strength in diversity, purpose in equity and unity in inclusion”.  He reiterated Canada’s commitment to carbon pricing and green finance and noted its pledge to donate a significant portion of its special drawing rights at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to aid other countries.  Regarding the migration crisis at the Darien Gap, he pointed out the inadequacy of funding for humanitarian needs and called for political solutions that respect human dignity, rights and support economic development.  He emphasized the intricate relationship between gender equality and democracy, asserting that sustainable economic growth hinges on empowering women and ensuring their full participation.  Turning to the deteriorating situation in Haiti, he stressed the need for inclusive political dialogue.  He also expressed Canada’s support for more equitable representation of developing countries in the Security Council and endorsed the idea of self-restriction of the veto power by its permanent members.  On Ukraine, he welcomed the indictments by the International Criminal Court against Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin and his Commissioner for Children’s Rights and expressed Canada’s commitment to explore every measure to support Kyiv as it continues to defend itself.


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    Portrait of His Excellency Robert Rae (Chair of the Delegation), Canada
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