General Debate
    San Marino
    His Excellency
    Luca Beccari
    Minister for Foreign Affairs
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    LUCA BECCARI, Minister for Foreign Affairs of San Marino, underscoring that his country experienced one of the highest rates of mortality in the world from the pandemic, said that the virus had been contained by the Government putting policies in place, based in equity.  These efforts were aided by “an extraordinary sense of solidarity” by the people of San Marino and the support of other countries.  However, the closing of borders and the lack of freedom of movement was a serious issue, he said, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation to address global challenges.

    Turning to the situation in Afghanistan, he underscored the need for the United Nations humanitarian assistance to have unhindered access and reiterated his support for Security Council resolution 2593 (2021).  He also expressed his concerns about the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and advocated for a new treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.  The pandemic endangered the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, he noted, underlining that “the crisis should not hinder our ambitions and hopes”.  To that end, San Marino had its first voluntary national review in July.  Climate change was jeopardizing global food security, water supplies and livelihoods.  Small island developing States in the Pacific were among the first ones to witness these effects.  Implementing the Paris Agreement through investments in climate resilience must be a priority.

    “San Marino attached great importance to the promotion and protection of rights for people with disabilities,” he continued, praising the recognition of the guidance on triage produced by the Bioethics Committee of San Marino by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.  Building accessible, inclusive and non-discriminatory societies was a priority for his country.  Pointing to new global challenges, he expressed his support for the reform of the United Nations.  “The revitalization process of the General Assembly must continue to be a reference point,” he stressed.  He also called for a reform of the Security Council to make it more democratic, transparent, efficient and accountable.  These reforms would strengthen the United Nations mandate by adding efficiency and flexibility.


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