General Debate
    His Excellency
    Moeketsi Majoro
    Prime Minister

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    MOEKETSI MAJORO, Prime Minister of Lesotho, reiterated the need for converging efforts to fight the pandemic and expressed concern over the emerging Delta variant of the virus.  Noting that even before the pandemic the world was already not on pace to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, he said that landlocked least developed countries, such as his, required increased funding for health services, increased investment in physical infrastructure, scientific and technological development, and the establishment of agricultural extension services.

    Creating a global coalition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 must be high on the United Nations agenda ahead of the Climate Conference in Glasgow.  Just like climate change, he noted that biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation are among the top threats facing humanity today.  To ensure conformity with the Paris Agreement, his Government submitted its nationally determined contributions report to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in June 2018.  Guided by the principle of leaving no one behind, he called on the international community to support climate change adaptation and strengthen resilience, particularly for the most vulnerable countries.

    “It is the obligation of all Member States to promote and protect the rights of all,” he continued, condemning all forms of attacks on civilian populations.  The international community must collectively promote and protect the rights of all, restoring dignity for those who have experienced the “worst brunt of the evils of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance”.  He underlined the importance of multilateralism in facing today’s global challenges and threats, as well as the critical role of the United Nations.

    He expressed his country’s support for the Palestinian and Saharawi people in their respective struggles for self-determination and for the Cuban people suffering from an economic blockade.  “These matters must be addressed and resolved urgently, comprehensively and honestly, without fear or favour, and without malice to anybody,” he said, calling upon the international community to lift the embargo against Cuba and remove sanctions against Zimbabwe.  On Western Sahara, he expressed confidence that its people, who “yearn for peace, freedom and the attainment of a right to determine their own destiny,” will find peace at the end of the process. 


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    Portrait of His Excellency Moeketsi Majoro (Prime Minister), Lesotho
    UN Photo credit.

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