General Debate
    His Excellency
    Úmaro Sissoco Embaló

    Statement summary

    ÚMARO SISSOCO EMBALÓ, President of Guinea-Bissau, said renewed hope is the only way to build resilience to face the socioeconomic and humanitarian difficulties caused by the current global health crisis and to adequately and sustainably respond to current challenges.  In this vein, the United Nations and its agencies have become increasingly important, he said, emphasizing the urgency of revitalizing and improving the Organization’s efficiency and adopting necessary reforms, including in the Security Council.  “This is the only way for us to work towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda,” he stressed.  “We must support the most vulnerable, promote the creation of adequate health systems and ensure that all countries, without distinction, have quick and easy access to vaccines.”

    For its part, Guinea-Bissau has enjoyed the international community’s support across several sectors, he said, outlining such national goals as domestic peacebuilding and better living conditions, with a view to providing new hope in society.  Turning to security, he thanked the Secretary-General and partners for their support in taking over responsibilities to ensure political stability following the 2020 drawdown of the United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Guinea-Bissau (UNIOGBIS).

    He also highlighted national efforts to address other challenges.  In terms of climate change, the Government has adopted medium- and long-term adaptation plans and extended national land and marine-protected area systems to cover more than 26 per cent of its territory.  Reaffirming Guinea-Bissau’s commitment to work with development partners and the international community to find innovative, inclusive and feasible solutions for current pandemic-related challenges, he said “we fully believe that, together, we are able to provide renewed hope to our peoples and to build a more fraternal world.”



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    Portrait of His Excellency Úmaro Sissoco Embaló (President), Guinea-Bissau
    UN Photo credit.

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