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    ALY DIANE (Guinea), delivering a statement on behalf of President Mamadi Doumbouya, said the pandemic has affected the health and economies of countries, while laying bare inequalities and demonstrating global dependence on technology and digital connectivity, which half the world’s population does not have access to.  Urgent action must work towards restructuring the global financial architecture and equally distributing vaccines, he said, welcoming debt relief measures, the $650 billion allocation for special drawing rights and financing for the COVAX mechanism.  For its part, Guinea adopted a pandemic preparedness and response plan and has, with bilateral and multilateral partners, improved vaccination rates.

    However, the world must also vigorously respond to problems beyond the pandemic, he said, including poverty, hunger, climate change, terrorism, irregular immigration, violent extremism, intolerance, racism, conflicts and inequalities.  Drawing attention to other concerns, including terrorist groups ravaging the Sahel region, a stalemate on Middle East peace talks and the assassination of Haiti’s President, he also reiterated Guinea’s support for Cuba, which is still facing decades-long economic sanctions.  In addition, climate change requires a global response, he stated, expressing hope that COP26 will provide an impetus for action, including the provision of assistance to developing countries that are the principal victims of global warming.  

    Highlighting efforts made by Guinea’s National Committee of the Rally for Development, he said newly launched national consultations will allow for the development of a transition road map, including the formation of a Government of national unity, revision of the electoral register, elaboration of a new constitution and the holding of free, fair and universally accepted elections.  In building a new world order, he highlighted the need for strengthening multilateralism and reforming the United Nations.  In this vein, he said the Security Council must expand its membership to include two permanent seats for African States, in line with the Ezulwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration.


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