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    His Excellency
    Jean-Yves Le Drian
    Minister for Foreign Affairs
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    JEAN-YVES LE DRIAN, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, said today’s crises underline the importance of collective responsibility, particularly in maintaining international peace and security.  To that end, France was calling for a P5 (five permanent members of the Security Council) summit to set out an action plan, enable the Security Council to fully exercise its mandate and start a dialogue on key issues of arms control and collective security.  He also emphasized the need to swiftly send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, continue fighting terrorism in the Levant and Sahel regions and help Iraq to restore its sovereignty.  As well, situations in other States, including Libya and Ukraine, must be addressed, he said, adding that the United States position voiced yesterday cannot justify Iran’s continued violation of its Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action commitments.

    Going forward, the world must focus on human rights violations, which constitute a serious threat to international peace, he continued.  Indeed, the international community must better equip itself to prevent these crimes and punish the guilty in the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Niger, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.  Working together is essential, he said, adding that:  “Our responsibility is also to build pragmatic and inclusive responses to the major global challenges that determine our shared future.”  This starts with COVID-19.  Thus, the north-south vaccine gap must end, as it jeopardizes the very meaning and credibility of multilateralism.  For its part, France will provide an additional 60 million doses by 2022 and is working on efforts to help African countries develop autonomous vaccine production capacities, he announced.

    In terms of debt deferment efforts for economic recovery, France is ready to transfer 20 per cent of its special drawing rights to African economies to support transitions to sustainable development models, he continued.  The environmental emergency also needs urgent attention.  Amid a flourishing of increasingly irresponsible behaviour, he called on all States to support a minimum universal 15 per cent tax for multinational companies.  This historic turning point requires collective responsibility in international peacekeeping and security alongside shared responsibility in tackling major challenges, he said, pledging France’s full support in this regard.


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