H.E. Mr. Tore Hattrem, Permanent Representative to the UN

25 September 2017 (72th Session)

Statement Summary: 

TORE HATTREM (Norway) called for the consolidation of development progress.  Stability required common interests, security, adherence to international law and the rejection of protectionism, he said, stressing that investment in human rights “propelled sustainable development”.  He pointed to the Colombian peace process as proof that inclusive approaches to peace could succeed, noting that those efforts required the active participation of women and greater investment in education.  He said that institutional and economic development could underpin conflict resolution.

There could be no development without security, he asserted.  The resolution of humanitarian crises called for greater commitment from the Security Council.  He encouraged support for Norway’s candidacy for a seat on the Council during its 2021‑2022 term, welcoming the Secretary-General’s vision for the Organization.  However, the United Nations must be realigned to improve its ability to prevent conflict.  Mitigating climate change and protecting the oceans also called for greater inclusion, and in that context, he urged all small island developing countries to join forces to promote healthy, sustainable oceans.






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